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Is your cat a spy?

Is Your Cat a Spy?

Has your cat joined his or her furry friends in a plot to take over the world? My cat certainly has me under his thumb.

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Cute Cart Racers - Baby Ostriches

Cute Cart Racers

Have you ever seen a baby ostrich racing a cart? Neither had I. I’d really like to ask how they got started with this!

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Dogs + Snow = Laugh Out Loud

If you need a smile, have a look at these dogs reacting to snow. They made me laugh out loud!

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Kitten saving owners arm

Kitten Saves His Owner’s Arm

This little kitten is worried about the safety of his owner’s arm.  And he does something about it!

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Arvo and Teddy

Arvo wanted to have an afternoon nap, but really wants his friend, Teddy, to join him.  He’s a very smart dog, and with a little trial and error, Teddy finally makes it into the carrier.

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